Which is better: iOS or Android?

what is the difference between ios and android


While it’s about buying a Smartphone we always have a preference to buy either an iOS phone or an Android phone. But to decide which OS’s Smartphone is the best for buying is a bit complicated and confusing to us, right. “Which OS is the best iOS or Android?” this is a not answerable question. And this is also a complicated situation for us in order to decide and pick the best OS’s Smartphone; because they equally provide a lot of imposing features that we always like to have in a Smartphone. Yeah, there have some differences between them like they are different in price and quality but both of them provide equally great features or maybe one could provide better feature than the other. So now, let’s take a look at the differences between iOS and Android in order to remove the confusion as well as know which OS is the best to buy, and use.

Which is better phones iOS or Android?
Which is better between iOS & Android?

The Developer & Manufacturer: iOS, it has been developed by Apple and has been manufactured by only one Smartphone brand iPhone but in Android’s case, it has been developed by Google and has been manufactured by different Smartphone brands.

Same Feature Provided by both: Like I said before both OS equally provide same features in some cases such as, they both give 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE network, status bar, UI (tap, swipe, zoom, pinch, etc), privacy settings, Voice assistants (iOS- Siri and Android- Google Assistants).

Now, let’s take a look at the differences between iOS & Android.

Which is better between iOS or Android?
Which is better between iOS & Android?
Android iOS
Hardware & Software Google provides Android software to loads of phone manufacturer, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, LG, Vivo and so on. That is why Android smartphones are different in weight, size, quality, and features. Different Android phones have different hardware. Premium-priced phones of Android have good hardware but in low-priced phones maybe you will find some problems in the hardware. Apple provides iOS only to the iPhone; consequently, it has a very tight managing method on how the hardware and software work simultaneously. Perhaps, you will find some trouble but it still has high-quality hardware.
Customization Android has the best customization feature. Therefore, it will let all users customize your Smartphone’s along with loads of options. Android will empower you to use any launcher and keyboard you like. Widgets and shortcuts can be used. The layout can also be used in Android phones. In iOS Smartphone, you will not get much customizable method; as it has limited support to add widgets.
Affordability As Android phones have different brands they have a different range of price phones; thus you will certainly get a phone that fits your budget. Because, there is intense competition among these brands, therefore several brands bring inexpensive phones that fit our budget. As iOS phone does not have any competitors, which is why they provide premium-priced Smartphone’s.
Security If it’s about the security of our phones Android does not help us the most. Because, 97% of every part of viruses, malware, worms and so on are for Android. The head of Google’s Android team informs us that they cannot give any surety about the security of Android phones yet. If security matters to you then there is nothing better than an iPhone. Because there are no viruses that attack iPhones. In the world, iPhones have been mainly developed for security. That is why iPhones will help you with your security the most.
Storage In Android Smartphone’s, expandable storage by Micro SD card is supportable. Consequently, if you do not feel satisfied with the internal storage of phones you can easily use external storage through using Micro SD cards. In iOS Smartphone, you can not use expandable storage. But if you want a bigger memory space on your iPhone, you can take help from iCloud. You can easily buy more memory space from iCloud.
Accessories Android smartphones have an extensive choice of accessories. You will get battery cases, extra charging cables, speakers along with the phone. That is why Android uses USB ports in order to connect to other devices and you will find USB ports in every shop of Smartphones. iOS Smartphone uses its propriety lighting ports in order to connect to accessories.
Battery & Charging In Android phones, If the battery is damaged you can easily change it. You will get a much bigger health battery for sure. Android gave us and is still giving us a great benefit for a long time because lots of Android phones have abilities of fast-charging and have wireless charging as well. And you will get an adapter within the device. In iOS phone, if the battery is damaged you will need to get help from an experienced repair person. You will not get a much bigger health battery. And for fast-charging and wireless charging, Apple the developer has worked recently on their new phones and they support all newer iPhones. And lastly, you have to buy a fast-charging adapter, particularly for your device.
App store Android phones have Play Store that contains easy searches and you can queue as well as install apps from the web browser on your computer or phone. And you can buy apps by using your Android phone’s fingerprint sensors. iOS or iPhone has an App Store that contains better browsing experience as well as better work along with curated recommendations. you can buy apps through using your fingerprint via Touch ID.
Apps In Android phones, within the Google Play Store, you will find an approximate of 3.5 million apps. And these apps can be installed without paying anything through any devices. In the iOS phone, within the Apple App Store, you will find an approximate 2.2 million iOS apps. But the fact is, you have to buy these apps and then have to install them.
Updates Android phones provide dependable updates. And the recently updated version of Android is 9.0 Pie but there is a problem that there is no guarantee in how many phones this version can run. iOS phone provides trustworthy and suitable updates of software as well as patches of security. And t recently updated version of iOS which is iOS 12. This update can run almost 87% of all iOS phones.
Backup System In Android phones, your deleted photos, videos, and documents can be easily backup; as it has Google Photos app where you will get infinite free storage. In iOS phone, your deleted photos, videos, and documents can be backup through using iCloud but it has limited storage, it has 5GB of free space.
Cloud Services Android phones have Google Drive which provides 15GB free storage; even if you need more space, you can easily buy more cloud storage by paying. And Android’s cloud storage is simpler to use as well as more efficient. iOS phone has iCloud which provides only 5GB free storage and it just works with Windows, iOS, and Mac. Yeah, you can buy more cloud storage easily. But, iOS’s iCloud is not simpler and more efficient than Android’s cloud storage. Google Drive can be run in iPhone for more cloud storage.
Display or Screen Some Android phone brands, provide Smartphone’s along with bigger screen and that is also in your budget. iPhone has a bigger screen mobile but it does not fit the budget. iPhone’s biggest screen mobile is 6.5 inch and it costs 1449 USD.
Voice Assistants In Android phones, you will get Google Assistant. In Google Assistant you will get each and every single thing that you want, to make done and to know. Google Assistant is more versatile as well as smarter. In iOS phones, you will get Siri. Yeah, with Siri you can get anything done and can know what you want. But even Siri is not more versatile as well as smart than Google Assistant.
Camera Android smartphones have great camera quality but in some cases, it does not match with the quality of iPhone cameras however there are a number of android phone cameras which beats iPhone cameras. Weather iPhone or android cameras are better are arguable and very much depends on personal preference iOS smartphones have a great quality camera until now. As it does a great job at capturing lighting, coloring and other details.
Which is better between iOS and Android?
Which is better between iOS & Android?

Conclusion: So, the differences between iOS and Android were detailed above. And it helps us to take a more educated decision, which OSsmartphones are the best is a bit tough, as both OS contains great features certainly. And to compare this two OS is also complicated. iOS and Android both have amazing Smartphone’s. So it depends on us that which OS’s phone we should use. If better hardware, camera, accessibility and most importantly your security matters to you then there is nothing best than iPhone or if the display, additional storage, great backup system, accessories and most importantly affordability matters to you then Android should be your best choice. But truthfully iOS (iPhone) and Android both are astonishing Smartphone’s which have been regularly enhancing in order that they can ensure their users to experience the best Smartphone.

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